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Voices Along the Road

Charity Anthology for child refugees 2018, available from Amazon. Please click on the picture of the book shown above for the link to Amazon.


A beautiful sea beckons us across,

All hearts open and squeezed as those on board,

So full of fear and hope the boat awash,

Wishing, wishing to move safely forward.

Fleeing war: now one more trip of peril.

This is the last risk we tell ourselves,

Made vulnerable to those who are feral.

Courage and strength that each one has to delve,

Vehemently praying all will be right.

Wishing, wishing no bereavements this night.

Immigrants - They have had enough!

Aylan and Galip gave a face to us.

Our greatest hope, Europe is waking up?

Now poor lads, we are not anonymous.

© Lisa Lopresti 

Is there Existence without Descriptions?

Poem published in 'Lyrically Justified' Volume 3, Featuring Urban Word Collective, Anthology by Arkbound(2019).

Is there Existence without Descriptions?

Try to imagine a new colour.

Is that even possible?

How are you doing?

To see the shades, they have to be named.

Is fern green different to forest green,

If the woods are all the same?

Does anything exist that is not identified?

The power of naming the world.

This is everything.

Even unknown corpses are assigned a name,

Rib cages and skulls are only remains.

Jane or John are people,

Doh!... Homer says to bridge the gap......

Power in words and descriptions,

Are magic,

Across time, across cultures, across generations.

New descriptions and shades,

Are these possible to exist?

Or colour constructs that already reside,

In the truth and side,

Of reality of the seeker.

Fashions and notoriety decide,

Future Existence. 

© Lisa Lopresti

Lundy Island Coast

Haiku Published in the 2017 Annual West Country poetry magazine' The Broadsheet' 

Lundy Island Coast

Foam lash,

Fresh ruffle crash - 

Sea kissed Puffin. 

© Lisa Lopresti 


Her Heart Poetry 2017 Shortlisted Poem, published in The Annual (2017). Please click on the picture of the Annual above for the link to HerHeart Poetry. 


Prevalence of longing glances,

Under lashes,

Soul searching flashes.

Beseeching lighthouse pulses,

Urgency of the messages,

Always; Missed by the beholder.

The agony of loving,

Without being loved.

Impossibility of joy,

Is the pain of the lonely heart.

Bittersweet -

As apart there is no beginning:

So no end.

© Lisa Lopresti

Rose Bombs

Lyrically Justified - Volume 3, July 19, Urban Word Collective, proceeds to charities, published with Arkbound. 1st Published by Dime Show Review March 2019

Rose Bombs

Maya Youssef spoke to me about war,

And I have never before,

Felt the gravity of tragedy in music,

Until hers now in this moment of notes.

She hopes that bombs turn into roses,

Qanun whispered maqam to my western ears.

Floating flakes of red and white rose buds,

Poignantly soft,

With sequestered air to breathe between.

High and low thrumming cords of danger,

Sirocco dust blushing the blooms,

In fickle direction.

Then building in fear and fragrance,

Petal light fingers on strings,

Of anger and loss again,

Before soothing rose water,

Sweetens wars metallic scythe edge,

With bird song and nectar in the silences. 

© Lisa Lopresti